Friday, June 12, 2009

My Kitchen My World - Switzerland

I chose to do something super healthy for this edition of My Kitchen My World, and you really can't get much healthier than Birchermüesli. This cereal-like apple dish was invented by Dr. Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benner, a pioneer of biological health medicine in Zürich in the early 1900s. He believed that fruits, vegetables, and grains should be the staples of a healthy diet, which contradicted the popular public opinion of his day that meats were all-important and most healthy. Birchermüesli was born as a recipe to take advantage of what Bircher-Benner called "food of the sunlight."

Plus, at the time fruits and vegetables were considered to be poor people's food, so that fits right in with my blog, don't ya think?

4 tablespoons oat flakes (I took this to mean rolled oats?)
8 tablespoons water
4 tablespoons sweet evaporated milk or cream
Honey or sugar according to your own taste (use as little sugar as possible)
Juice of 2 lemons
8 apples

Put oat flakes, water, sweet evaporated milk and juice of lemon in a bowl.

Wash apples, cut in pieces, remove core (do not remove skin). Grind apples into the bowl and mix well (I wasn't sure exactly what this meant; I ended up chopping the apples roughly in the food processor. I probably could have processed them even further and made it into more of a puree).

Add sugar and honey according to your own taste and mix well again. Serve immediately.

We ate this for breakfast. It was actually pretty refreshing, a fun departure from our normal breakfast foods. The kids totally loved it.


Kasha said...

What a fantastic blog! I am lucky enough to stay home as well, but we live paycheck to paycheck and try to live very frugal. I am so grateful to you for these recipes and ideas. When I read your "about me" I thought I was reading my own! My favorite movie is the 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice, and my favorite author is L.M. Montgomery. I hope you have read her other books. They are amazing. Stop by and meet my humble blog and thanks for the inspiration!

Katy ~ said...

Oh boy does this every look good! Can't wait to try this.

mary'smom said...

Looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

Dr. Alice said...

You might check this out, it's a link to one of my favorite blogs with an essay and recipe for bircher muesli. It's written by an Australian who married a Swiss and moved to Switzerland, so it's quite authentic and very easy!

Rosabela said...

What a wonderful and easy recipe! Muesli is very popular for breakfast here in Germany. It is good for you but I don't eat it too often. I still like my eggs in the morning. :-)

Thanks for sharing. Will have to definitely try this recipe.

Take care,