Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time to Go Shopping

"Sigh. Got to go buy some food. A mouse hung itself in my fridge and left a note 'can't live like this'."

— Ustas.

I thought this was a humorously appropriate quote. Tomorrow is the day we normally go shopping for groceries.


VG said...

Hi Steph

I love quotes too. I try to put one up on every blog that I do.

By the way, there's an award 4 U at my blog. Check it out.

:) VG

~Priscilla~ said...

hello stephanie! thank you so much for the comments on my blog and the awards. i will be posting those very soon. i just got back today and am catching up on everthing. great blog going, and i love your cake you made your little boy thomas! hope to see you at my blog again!