Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Apple Dapple Cake

Sorry, I meant to post this last night but we had a bit of excitement. My little boy had been fussing all day, and I realized I hadn't seen him walk or stand all day. So we spent yesterday afternoon/evening at the ER, where we learned that he has a probable buckle fracture. Poor little guy! We think it happened on the trampoline Sunday night - so if you have a one-year-old, exercise caution in letting them play on the trampoline with other kids! :-)

Now, back to the cake. This is the most delicious apple cake I have ever tasted, bar none! If you have the ingredients in your home, go make this cake as soon as you finish reading the post. If not, go buy them and then make the cake!

I found this recipe on Southern Plate, and have been wanting to make it for quite a while. General Conference was the perfect special occasion for this fantastic cake. Everyone loved it - it was moist and rich and flavorful, and just plain delicious! When my husband bit into it, the first words out of his mouth were "Wow, Southern Plate strikes again!" because so far everything we make from Southern Plate turns out delicious. Seriously, I can't say enough about this cake, it was just so good!

Apple Dapple Cake
1 cup oil
2 cups sugar
3 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
3 c. all purpose flour
1 t. salt
1 t. baking soda
1 cup pecans, chopped (I omitted these because we didn't have them, but they would be fantastic!)
3 cups raw apples, peeled and chopped fine

Mix oil, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Sift together flour, salt, and baking soda. Add to first mixture. Fold in pecans and apples. Bake in tube or bundt pan at 350 for 1 hour.

Boy, that cake looks really good right now, doesn't it?

But we're not quite done yet! ;-)

1 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup milk
3/4 cup margarine (1 1/2 sticks)

Mix and cook 3 minutes after it begins to gently boil, stirring constantly. Pour over hot cake while cake is still in pan. Let cake cool completely before removing.

Don't try to take a picture while you're pouring the sauce over the cake. If you're as uncoordinated as me, you'll end up with a picture like this...

...and caramely rich sauce all over the burner where your cake was, because you accidentally poured it right through the hole in the bundt pan. Oops.

But in the meantime, while you're cleaning the goo off the burner, you can cheer yourself up by looking over at the goo on the cake - oh it looks sinfully delicious!

I made this on Friday, and we ate it on Saturday afternoon. By the time I thought to take a picture of the whole cake, it had already been sliced into and several pieces were long gone.

By Saturday evening, there were only three or four slices left. By Sunday afternoon, the cutting board where the cake had resided was empty, with only a few moist crumbs left as evidence of the glory that had once been there. Having eaten some of the last bits of cake on Sunday, I can say conclusively that this cake gets even moister and richer the longer it sits. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

That's my piece. Go make your own.

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Jenny said...

Yum Stephanie! I love the looks and sounds of your apple dapple cake! And your little guy is too cute!

Barbara Bakes said...

Sorry you little guy got hurt! The cake sounds fabulous!

LisAway said...

You'd better believe I'm bookmarking this one!!

Hope your cute boy is feeling better and heals fast!

Jen said...

Your son is so handsome! So, he got a fracture from the trampoline? wow.

The cake looks awesome. I have those ingredients at home! Do you think I could use a regular cake pan instead of a bundt cake pan... I haven't invested in one of those yet.

RebekahP said...

I have made this cake numerous times. It is definitely one of my favorite!

Hayley said...

Aw poor little man, hope he gets well soon :-) The cake looks great, I have a ring pan that I've hardly used so will have to dust it off and make this!

Bridget said...

Oh, your poor little guy! Good thing he had cake to make him feel better!

The cake sounds delicious! Love your burner picture!!! Sounds like something I would do. :)

~Priscilla~ said...

this looks delicious, will be trying it since we have apples on hand. hope your little boy feels better - he is a cutie.

Ben said...

Awww, I hope your baby gets better soon. He's so cute! :-p

That cake sounds and looks really good especially with that sauce, I bet it was delicious and so moist.

Thank you for sending it to I love baking. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Oh no! Poor Thomas! Glad you guys have insurance now, or that would have been a pricey little visit...

To anyone who read this but doesn't know if they should make it, DO IT! It is one of the yummiest things I have eaten in a while, and I eat a lot of stuff. ;-)

Southern Plate said...

The cake is fabulous!!!! Yours looks soooo good! You know, when I have crumbs left, I take the cake plate into the kitchen where I can privately pick every one of them off and eat it before washing the plate! hehe
Thank you so much for the link and for letting me know you tried it!!! I'm putting this pic in my next newsletter and you're entered to win another SP cookbook now, too!
Thank you!