Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Day-After-Easter Feast

We were a bit slow with the holiday this year. But we did finally go out and buy a ham this morning (well, Jeff did. I was stuck home with morning sickness). So Jeff cooked it up and made some mashed potatoes and frozen peas (so much better than canned!) to go with it. My contribution was finding a delicious glaze recipe for the ham, and adding cream cheese and sour cream to the potatoes to make them creamier.

I'm not putting any recipes in this post - even for the ham glaze we just used this recipe as a guideline instead of following it completely. The potatoes were just thrown together, with Jeff adding whatever seasonings he thought would taste good. Basically, this post is just me being excited that we actually cooked and ate a fancy-ish dinner, and I took a picture of it! Go me!

I spooned some of the pan drippings / glaze over the ham and potatoes on my plate. So good!!!


Leslie said...

Looks good to me! Congrats again!!!

Meg said...

Fabulous fancy-ish dinner!

HoneyB said...

Go Stefanie! Looks good to me!

lcard said...

Congratulations and I'm so sorry! About the morning sickness, of course. I feel your pain. 5 children and 5 months of wicked M.S. each time. We call it, "driving the big white bus". Too much information? My best to you and your growing family!!!
xo Liesa