Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our New Year's Eve Treats!

I know a lot of people get excited about the New Year. There are resolutions to be made and eventually abandoned, and the chance to turn over a new leaf and begin life with fresh zeal and a new outlook. These are definitely good things to be excited about. But as for me, I'm mostly excited about the food. Big surprise, huh - that seems to be my favorite part of just about any holiday.

There are two things in particular that I look forward to on New Year's Eve, and we made them and have been devouring them tonight just like we have been for years. Every year we buy a couple big bag of tortilla chips and everything we need to make these two dips. I love both of these. I would just as soon throw away my right shoe as only make one of these. It has to be both. The cool freshness of the Traveling Tacos is a refreshing contrast to the warm heaviness of the Hearty Cheese Dip, and they're both so great!

Traveling Tacos (a layered taco dip)

I don't have exact amounts, so I guessed about how much I used tonight.
1 can refried beans
1/2 to 3/4 cup salsa
1 to 2 cups guacamole
8 to 16 oz. sour cream
Shredded cheese
Sliced olives
Chopped tomatoes
Shredded lettuce

Combine refried beans with salsa. Spread in a pan. The pan and amounts depend on how much you want. For our little family, we do an 8-inch casserole dish. Layer on top of the bean mixture: guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, sliced olives, chopped tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. Chill for a few hours, and serve with tortilla chips.

Here's a nice picture of all the layers in the pan - it looks so fresh and colorful!

Hearty Cheese Dip

This supposedly feeds 20, so we usually cut it in half and it serves the two of us and the kids quite nicely
1/2 pound ground beef
1/2 pound ground sausage
16 oz. jar picante sauce
8 oz. jar diced tomatoes with green chilies
28 oz. can refried beans
4 oz. chopped olives
3 lbs. Mexican Velveeta

Brown meat; drain. In a large pot, melt cheese, stirring every few minutes. Add picante sauce and tomatoes to melted cheese. Stir well. Cook for five minutes on medium high heat. Add remaining ingredients to cheese mixture; stir well and cook another 10 minutes. Serve with tortilla chips. Yummy!

There you have it - our family's treasured New Year's Eve fare. We've been eating these dips in my family since I was a teenager; I look forward to getting to make and eat these all year long! I remember one year I had to babysit for New Year's Eve. My mom actually sent my younger sister over just before midnight with a little of each of these dips, just so that I could participate in the tradition. My sister and I watched a movie and snacked on Traveling Tacos and Hearty Cheese Dip together, and then Mom came back and picked her up a little while later. How cool is that?


Rebekah said...

Those look so good, making my mouth water right now!

Jessica said...

What a cute story and nice tradition. I'm with you, these look great and who wouldn't want them every year.

HoneyB said...

Happy New Year Stephanie! Your treats look yummy!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Yum. Those do look good.
Hapy New Year!

Meg said...

Yeah for yummy foods and traditions!

lcard said...

Wait. I just ate lunch.
Okay, that dip recipe would have to be a controlled substance.
Thanks alot Stephanie!