Thursday, May 15, 2008

Egg Drop Soup

This is a really simple recipe that makes a really yummy soup. I think it's as good as what you'd get at a Chinese restaurant.

Egg Drop Soup
4 cups chicken broth (we used about 2 cups canned, and 2 cups water with 2 cubes bouillon)
1 tbsp. corn starch
3-4 drops yellow food coloring (optional)
2 eggs, beaten

Set aside 1/2 cup broth, bring the rest of it to a boil. Whisk together reserved broth and corn starch, then whisk that into the boiling broth. Add food coloring. Drizzle the beaten eggs over the soup, stir gently to break it up, and serve. Garnish with green onion or chives, if desired. Easy and delicious!

Calories: about 70 per cup


Michelle said...

I use almost the same recipe, except I add about 1/2 - 1 tsp of sesame oil and a little bit of ginger- fresh if I have it, dried if I don't. The sesame oil gives it more of the asian flavor and really won't add that many calories. Like the pic!

Michelle said...

btw- I like the plate and bowl! :-) Mark was asking the other day where the bowls went, since they were "his" cereal bowls. I told him they were gone. It was quite funny when he said "BUT WHY?" in a whiny Oren-like voice... hee hee.