Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Menu - Part 3

For lunch yesterday between sessions we had canned chili, crescent rolls, tortilla chips, and potato salad, with lemon-lime cake for dessert. I had wanted to make corn bread to go with the chili, but was astounded to find that Mom didn't have any cornmeal. I was like, "But Mom, it's a staple!" She responded nonchalantly, "Not to me." Hmm. So I made canned crescent rolls instead, which still turned out great. As I mentioned in my family blog, the potato salad and cake turned out great. I took lots of pictures because I just really like practicing my food-picture-taking skills. I really think I am getting better, though I still have lots to learn.


Drew Kime said...

In that chili picture, it looks like you have the same pots as I do. My wife inherited the set from her great aunt.

I love that they're heavy enough to really distribute the heat evenly, avoiding hotspots. I only wish they didn't have wooden knobs and handles, otherwise I could use the big one as a dutch oven.

Stephanie said...

Actually, the pot belongs to my mom. We're lucky, because the pot and lid have metal handles, and can be used as a dutch oven. It works great!
It's neat that your wife inherited her pots from a great aunt. Inherited dishes are treasures!